Silicone Elastomer Compounds

Silicone Rubber for high voltage insulator applications

Innosil HV-65 is a 65 durometer silicone rubber molding compound for high voltage insulator applications which require excellent performance in contaminated environments. Typical applications include composite insulators, arrestors and bushings.

  • Excellent Tracking and Erosion Resistance
  • Low plasticity for ease of injection molding
  • Superior Water Repellency (Hydrophobicity)
  • Good mold release
  • Good Dielectric Strength
  • Low Leakage current

Silicone Rubber for Jewellery molding applications

Jewellery Molding Rubber-JEWELSIL is a superior quality jewelry molding silicone rubber with extreme tear and tensile strength for every application including spirals, cores, cut-outs & plugs as well as for general purpose use.

Silicone Rubber for spin casting applications

High performance Silicone Rubber for Spin Casting.

Innovative Silicone offers a wide range of silicone rubber to meet stringent requirements spin casting industry. This range includes several types of silicone rubber both in high temperature curable solid elastomers and room temperature vulcanizing flowable liquid rubber.

'Castsil' brand silicone rubber is a material of choice meeting the requirements for manufacturing high performance moulds for casting low melting metal alloys by spin casting process.

Castsil is the only materiel manufactured locally by experienced technologists having in depth knowledge in this application.

  • Ready to use compound - Superior performance & excellent finish.
  • Low shrinkage - Better and accurate reproduction of details.
  • High strength - casting thick walls sections
  • High Temperature Resistance - Long life of Molds
  • Low shore - Excellent tear strength & undercut resistance.
  • International quality material produced locally - Cost effective .

Silicone Rubber Compounds for Automotive Applications

High Performance Silicone elastomer Compounds for Automotive Applications

Key Features:
  • High temperature stability
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Outstanding ageing behavior and weather resistance
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Resistance against automotive fluids.